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You'll find our custom-made acrylic literature holders in major airports, doctors' offices, retail stores...even in famous museums and libraries all across America. Why? Because we make it easy for you to get exactly what you need, at a fair price.

If you have literature of any size to be displayed – brochures, pamphlets, coupons, even business cards – we will design a custom-made acrylic plastic take one display just for you. We’ll even fabricate a custom-made plastic display for CDs and DVDs.

So check out our customer comments and then let us make your life easier when it comes to custom-made literature holders and acrylic plastic displays. With your very first Take One Displays order, you’ll see how we’ve earned our reputation for being the very best in the business when it comes to custom-made acrylic displays.

brochure holders

We are the world’s go-to source for acrylic plastic brochure holders, custom made to your exact specifications. Be it 100 units or 100,000, we make it easy for you to get the plastic display you need from day one.

Counter top or wall mounted, our brochure holders and literature displays are made of clear acrylic in whatever weight plastic your project calls for. We’ll even silkscreen your clear plastic brochure holders and take one displays for a total custom-made look. And we’ll provide you with a great price quote on your custom-made display within 72 hours of receiving your specifications.

Yes, we make it fast…we make it easy…and we make you look good every time. That’s why our acrylic brochure holder and pamphlet holder customers love working with us. They just plug in the specs of their literature, and we provide them with a quote.

Our Mission

To further advance our reputation as the least expensive, most reliable source of custom made displays in the whole wide take-one world.